Faith Journeys

Short Biblical Fiction Delivered Daily.

Faith Journeys is an app for reading entertaining and inspirational stories based on biblical characters and events. The stories are fictional. Our authors have added additional characters and story lines to create an encouraging tale of how their characters grew in their understanding of and faith in God.

The free app comes with two free stories. Other stories are available for rental for $0.99 (which lets you read one chapter per day) or for purchase for $1.99 (which gives you unlimited access to the story).

Available now for Apple and Android phones and tablets.

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Tap or click on the images below to read the first few paragraphs of each story.

Artwork Copyright © 2021 by Jacob Aybara. All Rights Reserved.

Adam - Life in Paradise

Methuselah - Life After Paradise

Abigail - Giving and Living Wisdom

Barabbas - A Thief Set Free

Ehud - The Lord's Deliverer

Mary - The Mother of Jesus

Matthew - Show Me the Money

Naomi - From Sorrow to Joy

Rebekah - Freedom from the Snare

Samson - A Man of Potential

Zacchaeus - A Man Named Pure

Philemon and Onesimus - A Story of Reconciliation

Joseph - The Carpenter

Naamah - Noah's Wife

Paul - The Apostle

Daniel - Standing Strong

Jezebel v Elijah - A Battle of Wills

Barnabas -
Son of Encouragement

Ruth - A Journey to Faith

Isaiah - The Prophet